Easter at Eagle Brook Church | April 6-9 

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Jesus couldn't have risen from the dead...right?

It seems so…supernatural. Mythical. Fictional. Great story, but not history.
But what if you could know that it's true? Before you lose your faith, let's talk about it.

No matter where you live, we want to invite you to church.
The conversation starts with Easter, April 6-9, and continues through May 6/7.

Online or in-person—we're not too far from wherever you are!

Can you relate?

Here's what we are talking about:


Easter | April 6-9

"Do I believe in miracles? I'm not sure. Coincidences maybe...but unexplainable, miraculous works of God? I'm not convinced. And that applies to Jesus—it's just a little too unbelievable." 

Easter service times are a little different than normal.
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I Feel Like God Let Me Down | April 15/16

"Why would a good God let that bad thing happen? It's enough to make me walk away from faith. He turned his back on me, after all."

I’ve Been Hurt by the Church | April 22/23

"I've been a part of a church, and I get it. It's made up of people, and people aren't perfect. But they really let me down, and it still hurts."

I Don’t Think the Bible Is True | April 29/30
"If I'm honest, it's really hard to figure out what's true these days. Fake news abounds on Twitter, and it has caused me to have more questions than answers about what I believe and why—including the Bible."

I’ve Drifted From God | May 6/7

"I wasn't trying to walk away from my faith, but one day I realized that the small decisions I made through the years collectively caused me to end up here. I'm not sure if I believe in God anymore."

Before you lose your faith, let's talk about it.

You might be wondering...

What can I expect in a service?

When you get to church, expect to be greeted at the door. Check in your kids, grab a coffee from the café, then take in worship and the Easter message. If you're attending online, you'll get the same experience—although...you'll have to make your own coffee.

Do you have Kids services?

Yes! If you have kids ages birth–5th grade, we have an Easter service just for them. They’ll have fun learning about a God who loves them—with music, games, dynamic teaching, and a team of volunteers who can’t wait to make this time the highlight of their week! 

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What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable! Maybe you're in a jeans and sweatshirt kind of mood, or maybe you just scored a great deal on the perfect Easter outfit. Whether you want to go casual or dress it up a bit, your style will fit right in.

No matter where you live, we want to invite you to church.