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Pssst. Your red flag is showing...

Ok, so maybe the ad you just clicked on had some not-so-serious red flags (and if we offended anyone…our bad), but there are times in life that you come across some more serious concerns—maybe even in yourself. So how do you harness your tendency toward things like anger or discontentment to turn things around in your relationships?

The impact of your efforts just might surprise you.

We all want healthier relationships, and when our red flags show, they just get in the way.

Starting in November, we’re talking about the stuff that makes relationships messy and what we can do about it.


Sure, on the surface you're calm, cool, and collected. But if it doesn't take much...


To be honest, if you're arrogant, you might not know you need this message.


If you tend to think the grass is always greener, you'll never be satisfied.


If this is a pattern in your life, you know it, and it's probably hurting your relationships.


There is a way to let it go, and it leads to healing in you and your relationships.

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You might be curious...

What can I expect in a service?

When you get to church, expect to be greeted with a smile. Check in your kids, grab a coffee from the café, then take in worship and a message. If you're attending online, you'll get the same experience—although... you'll have to make your own coffee.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable! Maybe you're in a jeans and sweatshirt kind of mood, or maybe you just scored a great deal on something fancy. Whether you want to go casual or dress it up a bit, your style will fit right in.

Do you have kids services?

Yes! If you have kids aged birth–5th grade, we have weekend services created just for them. They’ll have fun learning about a God who loves them with music, games, dynamic teaching, and a team of volunteers who can’t wait to make this time the highlight of their week!

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