Easter at Eagle Brook Church | April 6-9 

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Strength & Drive

If you like to get things done and the word "power" is motivating, this might be you!

People & Fun

If people are your love language and fun is your middle name, this might be you! 

Calm & Harmony

If you'd rather go along to get along and naps are kind of a big deal, this might be you!

Order & Perfection

If you like things to be straightforward and planned out—no guessing required—this might be you!

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Strength & Drive

People & Fun

Calm & Harmony

Order & Perfection

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Easter at Eagle Brook

April 6-9

Easter matters. Why? Because it's the story of victory that no one saw coming. And that victory applies to your marriage, your depression, your impatience, your addiction—your stuff.

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Before You Lose Your Faith

Series: April 15-May 7

Maybe this sounds like you...
I Feel Like God Let Me Down | April 15/16
I’ve Been Hurt by the Church | April 22/23
I Don’t Think the Bible Is True | April 29/30
I’ve Drifted From God | May 6/7

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