"Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise."
-Proverbs 19:20

No one is exempt from going through life’s difficulties, whether it’s a personal issue, a marriage problem or a family struggle. For a vast majority of these challenges, we can go to a trusted friend, family member or a small group for prayer and advice. However, there are times when problems become more complicated and need the guidance of a professional to help us get to a healthier place in life.

Eagle Brook Church is committed to helping people find help and wholeness. Our pastoral staff can offer prayer support and give biblical guidance to your situation. However, there are times to call on the professional help of a counselor or therapist.

We primarily recommend the following Christian Counseling organizations:

Counseling Agencies

Christian Heart Counseling

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Counseling Care

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RockBridge Counseling

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Marriage Support & Retreats


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Family Life Ministries

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With a desire to remove the barriers to in-office marriage counseling—Marriage in Motion is an online program designed by two Certified Gottman Therapists. Throughout the course, you'll be guided on a journey to save, strengthen, and safeguard your marriage at no cost and no registration required. Just a commitment to taking small steps to move your marriage forward.
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