Your relationships can be happy and healthy.

Seriously, navigating relational dynamics is one of the more...complicated...aspects of life. But nothing that's worth it ever comes easily—we found some resources that can help.

Yes, we're a church, and most of these resources are rooted in Christian principles. But no matter your beliefs, these resources, at their core, provide relevant information, inspiration, and application that will help your relationships be the best they can be. So why not put it to the test? It's free :)

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 Dating is complicated. It feels like a game where everyone seems to know the rules except you. Like…does he call you first or do you call him? Or wait, do people even call anymore?! Truth is, there really are no “rules”... But there are things you can do to make sure you’re ready for all that dating will throw at you.

✨ 7 days of relationship advice from Pastor JP Pokluda's book, Outdated.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by author, speaker, and counselor Gary Chapman.

✨If dating advice from your friends or your mom doesn't quite cut it—watch some messages on dating!


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A long and happy marriage is #GOALS, but where do you even start? Sharing life with someone else is messy, unpredictable, and sometimes just downright difficult. But it can also be beautiful, fun, and the greatest adventure of your life. We’ve got some tips to help make your marriage INCREDIBLE, check ‘em out.

✨ Here are 52 double date questions and date night ideas from our friend, author, + pastor Ted Cunningham.

✨ Save, strengthen, and safeguard your marriage with this free marriage course by forBetter.

✨ Want a healthier marriage? Scroll this playlist all about healthy marriages!


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Parenting. One day you’re changing diapers and picking up toys, and the next, you’re scrolling through photos, wondering where the years went. It might be hard to remember in the moment, but embracing the journey (and all the ups and downs) can make a big difference.

✨ Take a listen to The Raising Boys & Girls Podcast all about how to navigate parenting.

✨ Check out this talk, where our friend + author Kathleen Edelman helps you connect with your kids based on their temperament.

✨ Need a little more parenting advice? Listen to some messages from our parenting resources playlist!


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Whether you find yourself growing apart from a friend, being pulled down by a significant other, or facing a dysfunctional marriage, it's important to know when it's time to walk away—or when it's time to lean in and pursue grace and growth together.

✨ Learn the importance of Boundaries with Henry Cloud.

✨ Looking for personal + relational growth? Check out Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud.

✨ It's hard to discern when a relationship needs to end.
To learn how to end well—browse this YouTube playlist!


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