the me you don't see

Series Runs April 6/7-May 4/5

When you look at me, what do you see?

My hairstyle? My outfit?

But beneath the surface lies the real deal—my thoughts, my struggles, all tucked away.

Would you accept me if you glimpsed my true self? I worry you might not.

But for us to heal and grow, we gotta unmask the parts of me you don't see.

Here's what we're talking about:

We've got resources to support you in whatever challenges you may be navigating.


April 6/7

In the suffocating grip of depression, every day feels like an uphill battle. Darkness consumes most of my thoughts and emotions. Will this heaviness ever lift? Despite the isolation, I cling to the belief that Jesus, the light of the world, will pierce through the shadows, bringing relief and comfort.



April 13/14

Doubts can plague my every step, whispering inadequacy and unworthiness. Will I ever measure up? Insecurity grips me, leaving me feeling small and insignificant. Yet, in the uncertainty, I find acceptance and belonging in Jesus, who sees beyond my flaws, and offers unconditional love and purpose.


sexual sin

April 20/21

Sexual sin can shatter self-worth and leave a trail of guilt and shame. It's a burden I once carried alone, believing I was unworthy of love and forgiveness. But through Jesus, I've discovered there's a path to redemption and purity where grace overcomes shame and healing begins.

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April 27/28

Trauma isn't merely a memory—it's a heavy weight, shaping every aspect of my life. But I'm refusing to let it define me. Through reflection and courage, and guided by the love and compassion of Jesus, I can begin to loosen its grip. With each step toward healing, I find strength and hope.

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relational issues

May 4/5

Relationships can leave scars deeper than physical wounds. Betrayal, misunderstanding, or abandonment can color every interaction with doubt. But, I'm learning that healing starts with acknowledging the hurt and finding courage to rebuild trust—with the love and grace of Jesus leading the way.

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Living Centered Podcast

The Living Centered Podcast is an invitation to a different way of living. Every episode revolves around the pursuit of a more centered life—rediscovering, reclaiming, and rooting in who we truly are.

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A Few of Our Favorite Books & Podcasts:


Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table
by Louie Giglio
It’s all too easy for Satan to manipulate his way into a seat at the table intended for only you and Jesus, and to try making himself at home in your mind. It’s an ongoing battle, but one you can win! 

Hope in the Dark
by Craig Groeschel
We want to know God, feel his presence, and trust that he hears our prayers, but in the midst of great pain, we may wonder if he really cares about us. 

by Len Lantz
While it can sometimes feel like there are no solutions and that you can never escape depression, that isn’t true. It’s not your fault if you have it, but it is your responsibility to do something effective about it. Although depression is often stigmatized or ignored, Christians commonly experience it. 


Get Out of Your Head*
by Jennie Allen
Our enemy is determined to get in our heads to make us feel helpless, overwhelmed, and incapable of making a difference for the kingdom of God. But when we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways. 

The Search For Significance
by Robert McGee
We are all searching for significance to ourselves, to others, to our community and to our world. True significance is found only in Christ. 

by Lysa TerKeurst
Do you ever feel left out, lonely, or less than? Today, learn the secret of belonging which will help you keep rejections in perspective and be better equipped to foster healthy connections in your relationships. 

Sexual Sin

7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life
by Joshua Broome
In 7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life, Joshua examines seven things we are told will make us happy and shows how each of them points us back to our need for God.  

Finally Free
by Heath Lambert
Freedom from pornography isn't achieved by simply trying to change or participating in a program—only Christ can release the enslaved from its grasp! 

The Death of Porn
by Ray Ortlund
Pornography may seem inescapable, but God can free us from its destructive power. The gospel replaces the dehumanizing lies of pornography with this surprising truth: God created us as royalty. How then can we reclaim our God-given identity to take a stand against―and ultimately starve―the predatory porn industry? 

A Surrendered Life
by Pat Layton
After an abortion, many women carry a heavy burden of silence and heartache. Similarly, men carry the loss of fatherhood and feelings of helplessness. But healing can happen when the painful secret of abortion is surrendered to God for His glory.  


Treating Trauma Podcast
Onsite Podcast
We all have moments where life is hard, yet some of us have had to endure more than our fair share of pain, hardship, struggle, and trauma. Through in-depth interviews with our clinicians and trauma experts, this limited series explores how unresolved experiences from our past can interfere with the demands of our present, impact our relationships, and hold us back from the future we want to live. 

The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel van der Kolk
Trauma is a fact of life. In The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust.  

Victory Over the Darkness
by Neil Anderson
Learn to apply the truths of Scripture as a base from which to renew your mind and become the person Christ empowers you to be. 

Why Am I Like This?
by Kobe Campbell
Though many of us can point to patterns of brokenness in our lives, we don’t know why they're there. No matter how hard we work, we can’t seem to outrun the very things that break our hearts. That's because our everyday setbacks are rooted in our unaddressed wounds. 

Relational Issues

by Henry Cloud
Does your life feel like it's out of control? Perhaps you feel like you have to say yes to everyone's requests. Maybe you find yourself readily taking responsibility for others' feelings and problems. Or perhaps you focus so much on being loving and unselfish that you've forgotten your own limits and limitations. Or maybe it's all of the above.

Find Your People*
by Jennie Allen
Never in the history of civilization have we been more connected and felt more alone. We are all so lonely. What if the ways we have set up our lives are fundamentally broken? 

When to Walk Away*
by Gary Thomas
We can't let others steal our joy or our mission. It's time to follow Jesus’ example to walk away from toxic people and walk toward healthy relationships. And as we do, it frees us to focus completely on the purpose that God has established for our lives.

*Also available as a video study. Get free access to RightNow Media here.