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You have what it takes to reach your community with the message of Jesus.

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What is a Viewing Group, and how do I join one?

Picture a
 mid-sized gathering of people who get together weekly to watch Eagle Brook Church services together in a consistent spot—maybe that's a home, a public space, a business... the possibilities are endless, and the community is priceless.

Sound like something you'd want to be a part of? Head to our Viewing Group map to find an established group near you. If you find one you'd like to try, let them know you're coming by pressing "I'm Interested" and filling out the form. Then we'll get you in touch with the group host!

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Host a group & bring Eagle Brook Church to your community.

You know there are people in your community longing for healthy marriages, life-giving friendships, and a sense of purpose. You've found hope in Jesus, and you'd love to share that hope with your neighbors—but how?

Host an Eagle Brook Church Viewing Group! When you host a Viewing Group, you're helping transform the lives and stories of the people in your community. We're here to help you get started and support you along the way.

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You might be wondering...

What do I need to start a Viewing Group?

Short answer: not much! You're probably more ready than you think. For the best experience, you’ll need:

  • A place to meet
  • A good-sized TV monitor
  • Internet access that supports video streaming and downloads
Am I qualified to host?

If you’re committed to providing a weekly place to gather and have a backup host for times you can’t participate, you’ll be the perfect person to host a Viewing Group.

Where can I host a Viewing Group?

It could be a dorm, a living room, an office, a meeting room, a theater—wherever you have enough space, a screen, and good internet service.

Does it need to be on Sunday mornings?

Nope! We’ll help you get set up to meet any day, any time. Find a time that works for you and your community, and we'll be ready to help make it happen!

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