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There's Something More For You

by TJ Therrien on December 21, 2018

I wonder what you’re up to today.

I wonder where you’re reading this from.

I wonder what traffic will be like tonight.

I wonder if my kids are making good friends at school.

I wonder what my co-workers really think of me.

I wonder if I’m living out my true purpose.

I wonder a lot.

The other day, I was wondering why it was so hard for my wife and I to fit both of our cars in the garage. Parking is like playing a game of Tetris. There isn’t much room for error. Yes, we have a lot of stuff in our garage, but the main problem is that the garage door opening isn’t wide enough. For six years, I’ve been wondering when we were going to lose a side view mirror from one of our cars. My wondering came to an abrupt halt last week when my wife called to tell me that the side view mirror on the van was hanging by a wire.

What have you been wondering? Maybe you’ve been wondering what your future holds, when you’ll find the perfect job, if you’ll ever find the perfect partner, or how to raise the perfect kids. Maybe you’ve been wondering about God—is He real? Does He care about me? Does He have something more for my life?

The wondering never ends, and as we head into the weekend, let me give you three reasons why Christmas at Eagle Brook is a great place to search for something more:

1. Because you’ve been invited. Maybe you’ve been invited to Eagle Brook before. By multiple people. You’ve seen the car decals, watched part of an online service, and now you’re reading this blog post after a friend shared it. God knocks on our doors hoping one day we’ll open up. The invitation is here because God has something more for you.

2. Because you’ve had a tough year. Maybe 2018 wasn’t easy. The job you loved was taken away. Your kid got into some trouble. Somebody very close to you spent too much of their year in the hospital. You’re just getting by, not sure when your bank account might bottom out. God has something more for you.

3. Because you’ve been wondering. Maybe you grew up going to church every Sunday. You didn’t love it, that’s for sure. Soon, you were off to college without a second thought of church—and now, you're in your 20s, your 40s, your 60s, with a good chunk of life behind you. And hopefully plenty ahead. But you’ve been wondering—is there more for me? Life is good, but am I missing something? God has something more for you.

Christmas is messy, magical, and hard. I’ll be the first to admit, Eagle Brook isn’t a perfect church. And it’s full of imperfect people. But no matter who you are or what you wonder, God has something more for you.

Maybe it’s time to open the door and take a step toward discovering what that “something” might be. Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas.

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